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These are the Elders of House Morgain.
triskele symbol a triadic spiral much loved by the Celts Shan is the owner of the House Morgain building, and leading priestess of the House. From a 1960s international hippie, through academic Philosophy, Radical Feminism, the Craft, humanistic psychology counselling, self employed business, writing, teaching, networking - Shan has always fought for her own and others' freedom of spirit.
Shan at Brighde's Well, Kildare. Mother of Tal, beloved of John, she has lived for over 20 years with very poor health, so she developed online skills. Drawn to (Welsh) Celtic traditions since very young, it was a great joy to go into greater depth when she handfasted John (a Welshman) in 1989.
In recent years apart from founding House Morgain Shan has developed as a Mabinogi scholar.
She founded Circlework in 1985, and she is a writer and Storyteller.
triskele symbol a triadic spiral much loved by the Celts John is beloved consort to Shan since 1989 but was an independent Craft priest for years before that.

Until the 80s he had a career in public service, then left to be a full time sailor, notably crossing the Atlantic as first mate. Following his dream he sailed his own yacht "Swift" a 26ft gaff rig cutter 1932 teak built, and lived in the Hebrides.
Handfasting Shan in 1989 he returned to land life, making model boats and teaching political economy. With Shan and the HoG Clan John led the Pagan Halloween Festival.
He now claims House Morgain as his because his hands have worked it as a craftsman. Apart from the 'dirty science' as he calls politics, and his workshop, John's other great skill is the language of Cats.
He is the coordinator of the Political Economy cylch (path).
triskele symbol a triadic spiral much loved by the Celts Our Cat Clowder.
Astras the Imperious, who also does Waif, and Lady Charming woith great skil. Lashes out if offended! Totally devoted to Tal. Sofia, Siberian queen, mother of Boudicca and Senua. Devoted friend to John and matriarch of the Clowder. Morgaina, long legged Dancer and Warrior. Closest companion to Shan. Big sister to Etsaana. Etsaana Cariad, part Siamese the survivor of three sisters, is sometimes known as Ghostcat. Howver occasionally when she pleases she will emerge and be soft and sweet.
the Imperious
the Magnificent
Daughter of Sofia
the Devoted
Fighting Angel
the Uncertain
Tal at Tintagel, Cornwall. triskele symbol a triadic spiral much loved by the Celts Tal is the young adult son of Shan and John. He was brought up open to many paths but since his first years has always stayed steadfast in his Pagan loyalty. A big man, with a merry heart, Tal has trained in judo and circus trapeze as a boy, and recently Systema (a Russian fighting art).
Currently BA Philosophy student and part time teacher Tal's mind goes to history, psychology, logic, strategy and humour. He says his second mothers were was Star the Cat, and the imperious Astras. His new companion is silver Victoria.
Tal is preparing for his future as the heir of House Morgain.
triskele symbol a triadic spiral much loved by the Celts Colin is a Druid brother and teacher, who has done more than anyone else to make House Morgain happen.
He has had an extraordinary life from being a Guards officer, to industrial management, and the leading organiser of the main Welsh biker organisation. Living with disabilities in later life enriched Colin's wisdom. He teaches online, and serves his own Druid organisation.
Colin is a family Guardian, with several grandchildren, and lives in Swansea, South Wales. He believes in simplicity and honour. We call him our Oak.
Colin coordinates the Druidry cylch (path).
triskele symbol a triadic spiral much loved by the Celts Jenny is a long standing Craft sister priestess going back to 1992. She is a family matriarch and businesswoman, based in West Wales with her two youngest children.
One of the most practical and efficient people you could ever meet, Jenny is an artist with especial interest in Celtic knotwork art and landscape photography.
As a matriarch Jenny is often to be found riding to the rescue, making sure that someone who's up against it gets the strength and care they need. Her own personal clan network stretches far and wide.
triskele symbol a triadic spiral much loved by the Celts Lorri is a solitary priestess and close friend of the family, who has done great work in helping House Morgain begin and get established. She is a family matriarch, living with her partner Dave, a petrolhead. They are based in Arkinsas, USA.
Lorri is a senior nurse, and like most in such work a highly practical and no-nonsense person. Yet given true need she is kindness itself.
Her great passion is her dog pack of high pedigree German shepherds, strong, tough working guard dogs kept in strict training. In 2013 Lorri realised her dream of visiting us all in person at House Morgain.
Lorri takes an especial interest in our online or isolated members.
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