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*Celtic Ways Mainly but not only Wales
*Craft & Circlework Natural magic and the Circle.
*Goddess Thealogy Spirituality All spirituality but rebalancing by placing female sacred at centre.
*Freedom! From Political Economy to Magic.
*Earth Our planet, our bodies, gardens and the wild.
*Clan and Motherhouse Clan is looser than family or coven, and an essential life support.

They do overlap.
Circles - Celtic Traditions mainly Wales - Spirituality especially Goddess - Freedom and Power - Earth Nature the Body - Our Clan

Celtic Ways
Interest in and respect for our ancestors is important. It is not true that modern people are so much cleverer, though we do have better science and technology. The ancestors have much to teach us - and of course Celts are still here today.
The 'Ancient Celts' spread all over Europe, in the 7 centuries before the Roman empire. They were a vigorous people. skilled technologists, and freedom lovers though snobbish with it. Women seem to have held high degree, and there was a sophisticated class of scholars and judges called druids. Beautiful tools, jewellery, and weapons, with an intense honour system based on courage makes them attractive, though the head cult is less so.
Mediaeval Celts in Britain begin with the Arthurian revival, and contract to the Wales of the Princes. Y Mabinogi and other Celtic literature give us wondrous Stories to inspire and teach us.
After Tudor England completed unifying Wales and England there was a long slow movement to reclaim Wales as a culture in its own right. In the 20thC this was established.
This is a Circle of dreams, heroism, Annwn reality dimensions, magic, politics, Stories and free laughter.

The Craft and Circlework
The Craft is found under many names, in religions and outside them, threading through human history. It is a Way which does not seek the spotlight, but quietly seeks to live well and honorably, whether alone or in Clan.
It is very important that the Craft offers no titles or status, and it cannot be found on workshops, or in a certificate. It is only in the truth of the heart. Here are a few Craft principles.
The Earth is what we have, here and now. Our bodies are part of the Earth as a sacred whole. Serve it well.
A Witch works with what comes to hand.
So act that it will get better. When you mess up, you clear it up. There is no rescuer, and good intentions are irrelevant. What counts is the consequences.
Children are our greatest treasure. Sex is our divine gift to each other. Love someone.
CIRCLEWORK is an immensely powerful little kit for creating a Circle ritual. First pioneered by Shan in 1986 Circlework is deceptively simple to learn, and profound in its effects. Use it with any faith or none.

Goddess, Thealogy, Herstory, Spirituality
It is now commonly understood that the female sacred has been suppressed and damaged for many centuries. So although this Circle is about all healthy spirituality, we place Goddess at the centre to rebuild the balance.
There are exciting hidden parts of history (herstory), a wealth of reinterpreted myths and vision, and radical ways for men to open up their own power and divinity. Whether you prefer to emphasise equality or difference, you can find a place here together with Craft, Druidry, Zen, Tao, Sufi, Tantra, Shamanism ...

The cry of freedom arises in every generation and never so urgently as now when ruthless and corrupt rulers are using technology to control their own people. Knowing what's up, what's underneath, and knowing what is being done to challenge and change this dirty stuff, is essential if we are not going to collapse into despair. We need to understand how money works and see how to trace it - the old Grail question asks "Who does this serve?"
Share information and news on campaigns; expose the wickedness. Use campaigns, petitions, online connections, ritual and magic - it's all forms of power - to rebuild lost freedoms and make the world better for our children.

The foundation of our lives is our mother planet and it has become widely understood now that we must learn to use human powers more wisely in how we live here. It is not the Earth which is at risk, but us. Earth will endure and some forms of life will continue, but if we do not change our ways, we will not endure.
But this need not be a journey of guilt and despair. Activism needs to be fed with joy so Earth honour needs to root in our sensuality, our own bodies.
Our bodies have been punished and denied by cruel religions, but now we are reclaiming the body as our home, our self, our sacredness. The body is as beautiful as it is yucky, a reminder of balance.
In this Circle we share knowledge on health, and being beautiful, on sex, and on the spirituality of bodies. One place where the planet Earth meets our bodies intimately is in our gardens or in the wild places.

Clan, Motherhouse
Many kinds of persuasion and propaganda try to convince us we are alone, and must cope with a dirty, foul society as individuals. This is a wicked lie. Humanity is a group species - our strength is in how we work together to look after each other. That is Clan, a looser kinship than family which we choose for ourselves. In this Clan some of us are scholarly some not. Some are artists and writers. Some are students, or novices in our areas of interest. We are parents, grandparents, and independent young adults. We all value learning and kindness.
We stay weekends together at the Motherhouse, and we hold small camps or outings in the summer. We run a series of weekly online chat meetings. We help and teach each other, have a lot of fun, and build strong friendships.

You can get to know us one of two ways. Use the Contact link here or bottom right of the side menu. Or join our online community.
Once a member of the online community you will need to be patient a little while as you and we get acquainted before we welcome you to the private Clan area. But your questions and your wisdom will both be welcome whether you put your thoughts in the forum, or use the Contact page.
You can also meet us, by visiting us at one of the houses: House Morgain or Ty Non.
The Clan Mother is Shan Morgain, a priestess of 30 years, who is 'first among equals.' Her authority rests on respect for her skills, and the resources she provides, including an online community, and two retreat houses. The Clan runs entirely on shared consent.

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