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The story of House Morgain.

House Morgain stands on a hill beside Cas Newydd/ Newport.It is near where two waterways meet, and the old ancient trackway east - west. So it was almost definitely a prime choice for ancient chieftains. House Mediaeval period

A large Tudor manor was built in 1685 by a branch of the Morgan family, around the time when Bess faced the Armada.
Crindau House 1860
A tragic Victorian fire gutted our half of the manor which was sold off in the early 20thC. It was used as a Labour workers club from 1926, while the rest of the manor remained a private home as 'Crindau House.'
In 2004 the club (our half) was bought by a local brewer but trade was dwindling so it was sold to us in 2007.

Studio before

Studio after
Before and after example!
It was a MESS! It took two years of hard graft to strip out layers of stinky old wallpaper, and stinky floorings ... the great plus was that this was a HUGE ENORMOUS house but oh dear the work! Gradually it has become comfortable but it took an awful lot of money and time.
Now we have lovely spaces to meet together, and enjoy each other - and the many Cats who also love the House.

We have been told of a very nice lady ghost who visits some guests. The many colourful and fun events filled with love and laughter here have added to what was always a welcoming House from the first step we took upon its land.
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