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Croeso! Merry meet! Welcome!
House Morgain is a house of peace, comfort, learning and celebration.

We are a small affectionate Clan network of very independent people and households who share certain deep values - you did notice 'independent' didn't you?
Then there's freedom, power, nature, love, sex, children, and responsibility.

We have strong interest Circles in Celtic traditions, mainly centred on Wales; Goddess and spirituality teachings; the Craft and Druidry; and back to power and freedom. Plus independence - though for us independence is deeply balanced by caring for each other. That's what a Clan means.
House Morgain. The front door opening to welcome you to a magical house

Belonging to our Clan does not mean having to be passionate about all our Circles! Celts, Goddess, Craft, Druidry and freedom politics, but there's not much point in joining us if you cannot find at least two of these in your heart.

You can freely explore quite a lot about our thoughts and philosophies through the open Articles on the forum.
Some of us are scholarly some not. Some are artists and writers. Some are students of various kinds, or novices in our areas of interest. Others of experts. We are parents, grandparents, and independent young adults. We all value learning and kindness.

We stay weekends together at the motherhouse, or have short stays in Glastonbury. We hold small camps or outings in the summer. We run series of weekly online chat meetings. We help and teach each other, have a lot of fun, and build strong friendships.

The Clan Mother is Shan Morgain, a priestess of 30 years, who is 'first among equals.' Her authority rests on respect for her skills, and the resources she provides, including an online community, and two retreat houses. The Clan runs entirely on shared consent.

You can get to know us one of two ways. Use the Contact link here, or bottom right on the side menu, to ask fro more info, or introduce yourself to Shan. Or join our online community.
Once a member of the online community you will need to be patient a little while as you and we get acquainted before we welcome you to the private Clan area. But your questions and your wisdom will both be welcome whether you put your thoughts in the forum, or use the Contact page.

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Articles and discussions, personal support, teaching & learning.
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House Morgain is a non-profit Club.