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House Morgain is a privately owned Craft centre
in Newport, Wales.

The spiritual inspiration of the House is Pagan - although we welcome other openminded and friendly people as our guests and members at our dance evening and other talks and events. Please be assured we would not dream of pushing Paganism at anyone so if you are not interested in our spirituality you need not even notice it much!

Our Paganism is inclusive, honouring all paths.
On alternate Fridays we hold an "Earth Evening" for our Pagan members. This gathering is not a set meeting with a standard recipe. Instead we build the evening around who attends and what we feel like at that time. So the evening might be quietly talkative, or a rousing discussion. It might be vigorous chanting and trancework. It might be a talk or a teaching. It might be storytelling. It might hold healing, divination etc. It will depend on being sensitive to the "Be here now" on that particular evening.
Triskele symbol, a three way image beloved by the Celts
At the moment we are renovating the building. We are holding regular workdays on Sundays when we get together, do some work, play good music, dance a bit maybe, snack as we go and finish with a tasty supper together.
House Morgain thanks Kim and CUPS members for their huge work input. These are the people who are making House Morgain happen:
Andy, Chrissie, David, Gareth, Jon, Rhys, Sarah, and Steve.
Also many Ebayers! Keith & his mate the van men; Ian the builder, Tina who helps, Malcolm the lawyer and the Lowless staff.

Membership of House Morgain is by personal acquaintance with the owner, Shan Morgain.
If you don't know an existing member to introduce you then you can contact Shan yourself and start getting acquainted.

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