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Ty Non is the little baby sister house to House Morgain. It's listed as about the same age, 16thC but it is no manor, rather a solid little two room peasant house. However though listed as 16thC the timberwork in the attic is clearly adze work, so mediaeval. perhaps 14thC. The front is cheerfully 'acquired' stone, mullioned windows, from the ruined Abbey, long ago. This was common practice when the abbeys closed under Henry VIII and other houses round the town also benefit from Abbey stone. Ty Non has ancient beams inside, and some enormous stone flags on the ground floor.
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Ty Non is at the top end of Glastonbury High Street.
There's usually someone from the House family or Clan staying there.

In 2011 Shan's mother died and left half her London home to her daughter. The money was used to buy Ty Non and adapt it. Barbara would have approved as she loved old houses. Ty Non was far less work than the mighty House Morgain, so now we have this cosy little town cottage as well. Several of the Cats have visited there with us.
One very beautiful one the Winter Princess, a creamy silken young lady spent her last couple of days there very happy and peaceful before she had to leave us. She seems to stay at Ty Non where she was especially happy. A gentle friend.

Ty Non has a quietly healing presence which affects all of us who stay there. It was noticed the first time we saw it. Several of us have gone there at painful times of crisis and exhaustion, and found new strength. Of course being in Glastonbury helps! but Ty Non has a magic of her own.

Ty Non means 'House of Non' and 'Non' is a common Welsh nickname for Rhiannon. Of course Rhiannon is one of our leading divinities, along with Morgain, Cerydwen, Taliesin and the Lightbringer.
Rhiannon was the Horse Goddess, the Sun, Mother, Lover, Politician; and she is a Descent and Renewal goddess. Outspoken and clever, she is a powerful inspiration as a lady of authority, and best known from the Mabinogi.
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